Who we are?


László Böröcz


Barbara Hegedűs

Responsible for Foreign Affair Relations

Lilla Henter

Responsible for Social Responsibility and Culture

Jácint Jakab

Responsible for Events and Communication

Zsófia Koncz

Responsible for Youth Affairs and Environmental Awareness

Mátyás Nemcsik

Responsible for Social Relations and Professional Cabinets

Krisztián Szabó

Responsible for Higher Education and Member Recruitment

Géza Vincze

Responsible for National Politics


Regional Directors

Zoltán Beke

South Transdanubia

Levente Béres

Northern Great Hungarian Plain

Diána Elekes

Central Transdanubia

Ágoston Kováts

North Hungary

Gergő Lőrincz

Central Hungary

Nikoletta Péli

West Transdanubia

András Várfi

Southern Great Hungarian Plain

Cabinet Directors

- Director of Economic Cabinet: Zoltán Beck

- Director of Human Cabinet: Richárd Bodrogi

- Director of Innovation and IT Cabinet: Dániel Bozsoki

- Director of Law and Public Administration Cabinet: dr. Boglárka Illés

- Director of Protection of the Environment and Rural Development Cabinet: Imre László Szántó

- Director of Foreign Affairs and EU Cabinet: Eszter Párkányi

- Director of National Politics Cabinet: Imre Papp



E-mail: fidelitas@fidelitas.hu
Phone: 36 (1) 441-5402
Address: 1428 Budapest Pf.: 59.




Youth Co-organisation

Fidelitas the youth affiliate of Fidesz was founded in 1996 as a representative of the new generation. This centre-right orientated group was called upon by national liberal, conservative and Christian democrat minded students who gained consciousness after the End of Communism in Hungary (1989).
The aim of Fidelitas is to represent the views and opinions directly or indirectly relating to youth issues. In addition, it aims to participate in youth public life in national and local level with special regard to the representation of youth’s rights and interests. Fidelitas is a community of such young people who care about the most important public life matters and problems relating to our society and attempts to give accurate response to them. Our organisation welcomes new members aged between 14 and 35. We look out for such young people who feel responsible for our smaller and larger communities and care about our environment, and cultural and national values and also support Christianity.    

100s of groups, 1000s of members

Fidelitas attempts to play a role in the creation and operation of a diverse civil society by establishing grassroots communities. Fidelitas, which has been the largest centre-right political youth organisation by this time, was founded by a few dozen like-minded young people. There are nearly 10 000 young people in the more than 100 groups.

Range of Programs

Beside the classic works in politics such as seminars, lectures, trainings, forum organisation, campaigns, Fidelitas hosts miscellaneous leisure activities and programs dealing with culture and environment protection. Each year the organisation announces its traditionally organised events: the Public Academy and the Sport Weekend. Local groups also frequently organise sport competitions, camps, trips, dancing workshops, commemorations, cultural programs, and the members also participate in the protection of the local environment. 


Public Life


Professional Training

Our MP and among the more than 100 municipal council representatives, many have completed the Leadership Training of Fidelitas, the so called Public Academy. It has been preparing the candidates to participate in public life for more than 10 years.  
The Cabinets are the professional bodies of the organisation.  They offer opportunity to get familiar with politics through seminars, discussions and profession materials in the fields of economy, human affairs, innovations and IT, law and administration, environmental protection and rural development, foreign affairs and EU, and national politics.  


International Relations

It is Fidelitas’s intention to ensure co-working and an effective liaison with international youth groups. The organisation is member of the Youth of the European People’s Party, the YEPP and it maintains good relations with many other organisations in Europe and in the Carpathian basin. 


Cross-border Relations

Fidelitas considers important the present and future of Hungarian communities living abroad. For this reason it actively cooperates with organisations from Austria, Transylvania, Slovakia, Croatia, the Carpathian basin and Serbia.